Yummy yummy calamansi green tea♥
My boss’ daughter, cutie patootie Emilia! So adoooorable!♥
Morning in the sky. #LateUpload
Despedida version by us. Hahahha! :)
Newest addiction!<3 Yum! :)
See you after 4 months, long hair. I’ll definitely miss you.<3
Yung pinakamasakit na marinig sa magulang mo? YUNG KINAKAHIYA KA NILA. ;’(
Right-brained. \m/
Davao in a bit. Weehooooo! Vacay extension. :) #cza
Today’s morning view. See you PH in a bit! :) #alone
Mass today! ♥
Valentines dinner date with Daddy! :)
Uhm, I guess this is what you called cold? Brrr. Yahay! :)





If you don’t like pope Francis look at your choices. I mean this man is not judging homosexual people and he said that being an atheist is alright as long as you do good. If you still don’t like him look at this gif:


also he agreed to this:


I’m glad that last pope resigned and let this guy become pope. Good pope. 

This Pope is DOPE

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